Eat at ida's

New stuff that I played and recorded meself:

everything goes to hell

Sometimes I wish I was Tom Waits.

all too easy to blame

suddenly i
it happens fast

the days gone wrong
the old/new me.

what i've done
what have i done?

don't beat yourself up too much over it..really. 

this is losing
poetry by steve l.  

Here's a bunch of tunes recorded by ida when it was a band. Please have them!

Trying, Failing
you know that guy that follows dan reed around?

Reeky Parasites
composting can be fun

mysterious no?

my ode to dallas, tx
creepy velvet cars
a dark story
everything you lack
not to be too encouraging; but you can ya do it you know?
favourite chord
where would we be without it?
finally on your own
hassling the honest
quit it already would ya?
ida's theme
ahh breakfast
sharper garbage
crafting fine work songs from the back of the limo?
so much for zen
everyone who tries zen gives up
this is (not)
an ode to discrepancies
my picture of who makes the world go round

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